Sensory Perception

Time and place plays an important part in how you perceive the taste and flavor of a beer.
A hot summer’s day, the smell of freshly cut grass and the sweat trickling down your back, or a cold winter’s eve infront of a crackling fireplace.

All your senses convey flavor. First you see the color of the beverage, the foam, the facial expressions of the people seated around the table.
You hear the sound of the frothing beer being poured, how it bubbles and tempts you.
Your nostrils widen and you feel the smell of the beer mixing with the surroundings- the room and the people. Thereafter you feel the foam against your lips, if the beer is warm or ice cold.

At last: What does it taste like?

You are your own expert

I will take you on your own, personal taste and flavor journey, where we first and foremost talk about different flavors, but also about the making of beer, traditions, some anecdotes about a particular beer and its interesting history.

Life is too short to eat and drink something that is not entirely to your liking. To find out what you really savor and enjoy, you really should come to Sundborn and begin your very own taste and flavor journey.